What kind of combination is this?

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  顺盈娱乐平台报道,Ying, 38, is one of the oddest characters in the entertainment industry. Since her debut, she has starred in a number of Hong Kong films, each of which is a classic, and her acting skills are quite good. Just when people think that such an excellent goddess, the vision of the marriage object must be very high, the last person she chose is Chen Xiaochun. Not to say That Chen Xiaochun is not good enough, but in the entertainment circle of this beautiful man everywhere in the circle, Chen Xiaochun's appearance level is really not able to bear to see, whenever two people stand together always let a person see two generations of people that sense, in the age of two people also differ by a full 14 years. But be below such background namely, they still married, and marry ten years conjugally love as before, and be spoiled by Chen Xiaochun the Ying CAI that becomes a daughter, also be considered by net friend to marry love, be enough to see the sweetness between them.

  Nevertheless wear build respect, Ying CAI er always suffers controversy quite, she always likes to wear the dress of a few flashy, pat photo together especially with Chen Xiaochun when, those who make strange appearance of two people let a person dare not believe that is star unexpectedly aesthetic, really stupefied. Be in before paragraph of time, Ying CAI er basked in the photo that gave a piece to be in tune with bubble matt to take, the Ying CAI er in the photo is still lasting appeal is dyein, but her this body is dressed up however let not know she is in which season after all. She wore a black blouse with short sleeves, tight cropped jeans and furry middle boots, which made her look completely incomprehensible. But even so, now 38 years old Ying CAI er, or can not see the least bit by the years greeting appearance, smile is still so sweet but people, and this is probably Chen Xiaochun so spoil her reason?

 Ying caier

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