Jackson Yee has infinite power

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  顺盈娱乐平台报道,When Jackson Yee debuted in TFBOYS, I had been following the band and the three boys. But at the beginning, Jackson Yee didn't leave a deep impression on me. At that time, I was still a little bit of a beauty freak. However, I have seen all the programs of TFBOYS when they were just starting out, and then I gradually began to know that Qian Xi's calligraphy is particularly good. I remember that he showed his calligraphy in the brand activity of Bubugao Reading machine, which was particularly impressive. Later I learned that his hip-hop dance is also very good, he performed on the stage of Kuaiben shot dance really surprised me! Gradually, I paid more and more attention to Jackson Yee. Qianxi seems to always have a kind of ability, like moistening things silently, bit by bit will be immersed in your heart, until finally completely captured by him. His talent, his excellence, his tenacity, his maturity, his steady and handsome, and he did the benefits of work! Where to find such an excellent boy, the key is that he is one year younger than me, I am a fat crane sister, every day to discuss with my sisters about our lovely thousand seals, even mother and brother also don't let go!

  Qianxi rest assured, to pursue your dream, I and cranes are always behind you. I will always accompany you, accompany you through the entertainment circle! Can not say when the pit was completely into, perhaps to see his shot dance, perhaps to see the magazine cover he took, but when you really into the pit, will find qianxi this young man is particularly beautiful, in his body will see endless energy! To this day, what I like most about him is that he has the discipline that I, as an adult, have never had. It is because of qianxi's self-discipline, he brought the results now, these accumulated practice, these accumulated time, let us see such an excellent person! Since I like such an excellent idol, I should look up to him. Come on!

 Jackson Yee

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